Varicose Veins and Leg Pain


As I was preparing to write this article, and while looking thru my notes and files, I came across the case of a male patient, who I have the utmost respect for and wanted to share his story,  as it relates to German New Medicine and the healing that took place for him. This man is such an honorable, loving and giving person.  His generosity knew no boundaries, for example, he would randomly buy his friends plane tickets to faraway places etc.  He owned a restaurant and was a dedicated, hard working business man. who would go the extra mile to provide for his customers with much more than they expected.  He did most of the work himself, which entailed paperwork, heaving lifting etc. and he would even walk around the restaurant and pour coffee for his customers.  
Unfortunately, for many years, he had been challenged with caring for his daughter who had mental and emotional problems, and like most loving Fathers blamed himself for her problems.  
It had been at least 10  years or more since I last saw him in Europe, we were able to exchange phone numbers and I gave him a call,  he was glad to hear from me and we made a date to have lunch.  He was wondering when and if I was ever coming back to Europe.  I explained that since 2007 I was exclusively living in the Pacific Rim Region.
The reason he came to me as a patient was because he was suffering with extremely painful and debilitating varicose veins.  I asked how he was doing, he responded that because of the work we did together, he was now doing very well and his leg had been healed.  He explained that he still took supplements once in awhile, and was keeping a vigilant eye on any triggers that might come up relating to the challenges with his daughter.  I told him, even though it had been a long time since I had worked on him, I wanted to write about his case because he was a great example of a patient, that was willing to follow thru with the homework and was open to a new paradigm using German New Medicine. When we worked together he was able to answer some questions relating to all the hard work and stress he would go through at his restaurant,  as well as caring for his troubled daughter.  He remembered that I challenged him when I explained why the trouble he was having with his varicose veins, and the fact that it was in his right leg and not both.  I was able to explain that his right leg was related to his daughter and that he was born a left-hander even though he writes with his right hand.  He was beginning to understand that the veins in his right leg was engorged with blood and would intermittently flare up when he would get stressed with his daughters situation.  I needed him to be aware that in no way was this a Psychological problem.  I wanted him to understand that the traditional psychological methods, where the patient tries to figure out why he or she is experiencing a particular symptom, is not what this is.  He was very open to understanding that the healing of his veins, was going to come from resolving the conflict stored in his psyche/soul from trauma he had been thru, and using German New Medicine, would help him to resolve this conflict and allow his body to begin to heal itself.  Looking even deeper into his situation, it was apparent that many of the problems he was having in his life was related to his ex-wife who was mentally and emotionally abusive and had terribly mistreated their daughter and he was beginning to uncover the pain and misery she had caused, not only to his daughter but himself as well.  He had an overwhelming feeling that he could never break free from her, and because of that situation he would experience chronic relapses, and severe inflammation in the veins, because he felt hopeless with no signs of seeing light at the end of tunnel, his veins became inflamed and engorged. This challenging cycle continued through the years. 
I explained to him that he needed to find the common denominator, whenever he would sense that his daughter was in trouble.  He described how one time when his daughters ex boyfriend came to visit her, how he became startled when the ex boyfriend showed signs of a bad boy attitude, he raised his voice in a similar manner as his ex wife, and he was triggered because this reminded him of how she would raise her voice as well as yell and scream when she mistreated their daughter and when he heard this young man raise his voice with a similar tone, he became triggered, he felt that horrible feeling because it brought up the unexpected traumatic moments when his ex-wife would beat their daughter.  Once he was made aware of these triggers he was better able to relate to this situation and as a result, he felt more relaxed and assured with a sense of peace that enveloped his whole body.  He felt for the first time that he was truly healing.  
In conclusion, each time he was able to sense the triggers that would bring him closer to the truth, and that this situation was not his fault and the fact that he knew that he was being the best father he could ever be.  His daughter still has problems, however she is doing better as well.  He remarked to me that he realized he didn't have to be dragged down by her troubles any longer.   He accepted the fact that what he went through enabled him to have  a better relationship with his daughter and I was also able to point out to him, that all traumatic shock or events that one experiences in a lifetime has been recorded and stored in our psyche/soul, and when those traumatic events or conflicts are resolved the body will heal on it's own!

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