Webinar FAQ

How do online presentations work? 
Our live two day online presentations use a very sophisticated technology that allows the participant to see the instructor teaching the material simultaneously with the power point presentation onscreen. You may take part in these presentations without leaving your home or office. Participants can communicate with other webinar attendees and ask questions throughout the presentation if there is something they do not understand.
Can I interact with the presenter?
General questions are taken at the end of breaks, the beginning of the next day’s presentation and also at the end of the webinar.
How do I access the presentation?
The process of logging on is quite simple. A link to the webinar is sent to the participant, the participant registers with the server and they may then enter into the webinar meeting. Printable presentation notes are provided for each Level and are e-mailed to the participant with the link three days prior to the event, upon credit card approval.
What will I get out of these presentations?
We hope to establish a solid foundation of knowledge of the GNM principles beginning with an explanation of the “Five Biological Laws”. Since the GNM also involves a system with new terminology, these terms are also explained in detail.
Once the basic principles are outlined, we begin to teach the disease process, how it is initiated, the cause, how it manifests during the conflict active phase, the resolution/ healing phase, and also what to expect at the epileptoid/ healing crisis. 
On subsequent weekend presentations, we begin to explore illnesses within each body system and explain the disease process according to the 5 biological laws. 
Special attention is also given to mood disorders, psychosis, human behaviour and our biological codes that determine how we respond when we are faced with a “biological conflict shock”.
What credentials will I have once I have completed these webinars?
At this time we are unable to offer certification in the GNM. However an official University of German New Medicine Studies is on the horizon. The curriculum is being established by Dr. Hamer at the University of Sandefjord in Norway and until such a time that the “official” school is up and running, certification cannot be offered. However, until then Dr. Hamer is allowing us to teach the principles of the GNM under his guidance and approval.
What can I do with my GNM studies?
By understanding the GNM principles you will be able to help your patients/ clients to overcome their illness faster and more efficiently than under any other circumstances.
By helping them to understand and release the biological shock responsible for the onset of their problem, be it physical or mental, you can help to guide them more effectively through the healing process than any modality or system has been able to achieve to date.
The GNM is very effective in helping patients to overcome chronic illnesses, mood disorders and serious diseases, which until Dr. Hamer’s discovery of the Five Biological Laws, may have been considered to be life threatening.
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