The German New Medicine

It is not a psychological conflict, it’s a biological conflict.

Dr. Ryke  Geerd Hamer’s journey of discovery began one evening, after he received a telephone call that was to change his life forever.  He was informed that his 17 year-old son, Dirk, had been accidently shot. Dr.Hamer was devastated and heartbroken. His son passed away three months later in 1978.  In spite of the fact that Dr.Hamer had always been healthy, he immediately developed Testicular Cancer.
Dr.Hamer was extremely puzzled by this and began his research to see if there was a connection between the unanticipated trauma that he had experienced from his sons death, when he noticed a sudden onset of Testicular Cancer, he was determined to find the reason. He knew that his illness had to be related to the shock of his son being shot.  
This event lead to the scientific discovery of the field called German New Medicine, which on every level can be proven, by Empirical Science.